The Devil in the Flesh General Is It Worth It to Become a Wade Kricken Scholar or Future Lawyer?

Is It Worth It to Become a Wade Kricken Scholar or Future Lawyer?

Is It Worth It to Become a Wade Kricken Scholar or Future Lawyer? post thumbnail image

Why should you get the Wade kricken Scholarship for Future Lawyers? Because why not? It’s like entering the lottery but it grades you on your examination, GPA, and situation. The scholarship fund is rewarded to any eligible student who can answer the essay question satisfactorily.

Just provide your official name, GPA, evidence of enrollment on your accredited university or college, your high school name, your high school graduation date (or not, if you’re still in high school), contact info, and email address. Afterwards, write your personal essay.

What’s in Store for Eligible Students or Scholars?

• Not a Full Scholarship But Has Monetary Compensation: Obviously, this isn’t a full scholarship. However, if you’re an eligible student who has qualified for this scholarship, you can earn up to $1,000 that you can use for your education, college fund, or school supplies. It’s not much compared to a full scholarship but every dollar counts!

• Why Become a Wade Kricken Scholar? Wade kricken is a Dallas-based lawyer who’s been working in the legal industry for beyond two decades. His scholarship fund or incentive fund is his way of giving back or paying it forward to the career that has rewarded him and his family through the years.

• Hard Working People with Degrees Goes the Spoils: Once you’ve been properly prepped as a lawyer (like in the case of a doctor or nurse in the medical field), the world becomes your oyster. You have a high hourly rate and if you’re particularly competent, the richest of clients will consult you on your lawyerly specialty.

• What are the Specialties of a Lawyer? People depend on lawyers and attorneys for their skills and knowledge that guide them to making the right legal decisions every time. Their specialties include corporate or business law, constitutional law, criminal defense law, injury and accident law, worker’s rights law, zoning law, and so forth.

Monetary Encouragement to Push You Forward

Instead of lip service, “You can do it!” to fellow would-be lawyers and attorneys, the Texas Attorney-at-Law Mr. Kricken would rather put his money where his mouth is and tell you, “Here’s some cash, now make something out of yourself and become the best lawyer you can be! I have faith in you and your abilities!”


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