The Devil in the Flesh Service The Secret to the CEO Success of Wanticket’s Joseph Schnaier

The Secret to the CEO Success of Wanticket’s Joseph Schnaier

The Secret to the CEO Success of Wanticket’s Joseph Schnaier post thumbnail image

Wan tickets is a North American lifestyle and nightlife ticketing platform. What this means is that they’re a promoter and provider of premier tickets to various places, concerts, tours, and so forth with an emphasis on tourism and the nightlife.

Its President and CEO, Joseph Schnaier , is an experienced leader, adventurous entrepreneur, and practical problem solver that has served as Wanticket’s captain even as it traveled through the troubled waters of the pandemic and COVID-19.

Why Schnaier is a Perfect Fit for Wantickets

• What’s a CEO Anyway? A CEO is the company’s highest-ranking executive. He’s the boss. He makes all the financial decisions and he’s the one to blame if those decisions don’t pan out, leading to an ouster and the layoffs of innocent workers under his stead.

• A Company Needs a Visionary CEO: Companies don’t hire CEOs to maintain the status quo. In the killed or be killed realm of business, stagnation means death. Stagnant means stagnant water that’s likely to get contaminated. You need visionaries like Joseph Schnaier to lead companies to continued success and growth.

• What Sort of CEO Does Wantickets Need? Joseph Schnaier fit the bill of being Wanticket CEO because he’s well-versed in private equity investments, buyouts, rollups, growth equity, and PiPes as a former Wall Street bank investor. He’s also a problem solver with good communication skills.

• The Vision Realized: It’s through Joseph’s unique vision that Wantickets was able to redefine the ticketing process from something bland and droll to a liaison between travelers and promotional outfits based in Las Vegas and elsewhere. The vision allowed the company to survive even the severity of the pandemic lockdowns.

Translating Experience to Success

Business is also a gamble. For it to pay dividends, you need savvy investors like Joseph and their toolkit to success to bring you home towards company prosperity by mergers and acquisitions or investing in the best companies, technologies, or endeavors.

Elected by the board and its shareholders as the company’s checks and balances, the CEO isn’t a dictator but a servant to the company. People like Joseph Schnaier make all the daring business decisions that could spell heaven or hell for companies like Wantickets.

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